Co-work in Art

LandArt in Norway 2017, Fjellfestival Kunst i Natur. Peace mandala and Free Birds co-work of Dagrún Matthíasdóttir and Gunn N.Morstol. Mountain Milk an opening performance up on a amountain 800m high, by Dagrún.


pARTage “Migration, Identidy and Belonging” in Mauritius SA- Africa 2017.  Dagrún Matthíasdóttir got invitation to work with 31 international Artists in Mauritius and take part in a group exhibition in The French Institute of Mauritius and to a Conference “Mobilitie of Artists at a Time of Growing Barriers”.


Dagrún Matthíasdóttir is a member in art groop named RÖSK 2013-2017. RÖSK is based in Akureyri, with Brynhildur Kristinsdóttir, Jónborg Sigurðardóttir and Thora Karlsdóttir. The artist work together in performances, sculptures and inter actual art were people are aloud to take part in art.


International Coffee Women, Dagrún and The Wall Gallery 2017. Dagrún worked and curate with 12 International women living in Akureyri, Iceland.


Dunna’s Experimental Lab 2017. Dagrún and Unnur Óttarsdóttir light drawing and performance combined Art therapy and communication between the two artists.